Boris Johnson Amnesty

Boris Johnson has called for illegal immigrants to be granted the right to stay in Britain after Brexit, according to reports. The Foreign Secretary has suggested that offering amnesty to those who have avoided detection for years would be economically beneficial..GIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS OR OVERSTAYERS AMNESTY IF THEY ARE HERE FOR MORE THAN YEARS Points which we have to consider before signing this Petition are as follows As per the survey and a recent article published where Mayor Boris Johnson stated in London we have illegal immigrants .Boris Johnson has told Cabinet colleagues that illegal immigrants who have lived in the UK for longer than years should be allowed to stay in the country. The Foreign Secretary believes the amnesty plan to give the people legal status in the UK would mean they can start working .Boris Johnson wants amnesty for illegal immigrants post Brexit. Foreign secretary feels he has a moral responsibility to raise it, a spokesperson said. By Cynthia Kroet. , PM CET. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for granting asylum to illegal immigrants after the U.K. leaves the European Union, .

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