Boris Johnson Ancestry

Grandmother Yvonne Irene Eileen Johnson nee Williams . Boris grew up with stories about his Granny Butter s posh ancestry and the significance of the name de Pfeffel, which forms part of Boris own name. She claimed that the name derived from an ancient line of French nobility. Boris and his siblings had always .Boris Johnson knew a certain amount about his diverse family background, but was intrigued by several family stories and mysteries. He was particularly keen to Meeting up with relatives, especially those beyond the immediate family, is a great way to learn more about your ancestors. Some families talk much more about .Stanley s paternal grandfather was Circassian Turkish journalist Ali Kemal, while his other ancestry is English, German and French. In reference to his varied ancestry, Johnson has described himself as a “one man melting pot” with a combination of Muslims, Jews, and Christians as great grandparents..

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