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British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has reminded us of why Australians like the Brits so much. By au.nce acclaim, his dinner speech to Australia s business and political elites last week was the funniest delivered on any serious occasion in living memory. He showcased the easy familiarity between . When I first came back to Britain after a year in Australia at the age of it would be fair to say that I bore a pretty heavy imprint from my time in this country. My conversation was studded with words like “bonzer, mate” or “you little ripper”, and on the streets of London in broad daylight I insisted on .Boris Johnson today took his friend and Australian counterpart Julie Bishop out for a jog in matching his and hers t shirts. The two ministers both braved the drizzle to go for an early morning run around the park this morning. And they both sported similar save the pangolin t shirts which raise awareness . British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson came to the Sydney Town Hall on Thursday night for an event organised by the Lowy Institute. Judging by a rapturous reception, he beguiled a crowd of journalists.

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