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Cake is a recurring theme of Brexit, chiefly thanks to Boris Johnson claiming that the U.K. could “have our cake and eat it” as it leaves the European Union. He s also given the phrase a slight twist, saying, “My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.” Cake is very much a national obsession for Brits..Brits want to have cake and eat it. Survey shows Remain and Leave voters have similar Brexit wish list. That s a problem for Theresa May. By Charlie Cooper. , PM CET. Updated , PM CET. It turns out that Boris Johnson, when he declared that on Brexit he was in favor of “having our cake and eating .A key Jeremy Corbyn ally has aped Boris Johnson by admitting Labour s Brexit policy is to “have our cake and eat it”. Rebecca Long Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary, uttered the notorious phrase as she failed to clear up confusion about Labour s stance on membership of the EU single market and .The speech is not the first time Mr Hammond has alluded to Mr Johnson s comments in public. Three months ago he said that the Government committing to leaving the single market and customs union “sent a clear signal that we understand we can t cherry pick, we can t have our cake and eat it”..

  • Boris Johnson Cake Eat It
Boris Johnson Cake Eat It

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