Boris Johnson Dead Cat

This cap on bankers bonuses is like a dead cat pure distraction The Telegraph Boris Johnson, who ran for Mayor of London in , described the strategy “There is one thing that is absolutely certain about throwing a dead cat on the dining room table and I don t mean that people will be .In a article for The Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson noted that one of Crosby s tactics when losing an argument because the facts are against you was to do the equivalent of “throwing a dead cat on the table” bring up an issue you want to talk about that draws widespread attention from the populace, forcing opponents .In order to counter the apparent upturn in Labour s campaign, Crosby had deployed his signature “dead cat” manoeuvre. Boris Johnson who had previously employed Crosby as his campaign manager during the London mayoral elections had once described the strategy like this “There is .”Let us suppose you are losing an argument,” Boris Johnson wrote earlier this year. “The facts are More videos. Johnson s Australian friend is the Tories campaign chief Lynton Crosby, and the “dead cat strategy” is exactly what we are beginning to see from the Conservative party in the run up to ..

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