Boris Johnson Eating Cake

Cake is a recurring theme of Brexit, chiefly thanks to Boris Johnson claiming that the U.K. could “have our cake and eat it” as it leaves the European Union. He s also given the phrase a slight twist, saying, “My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.” Cake is very much a national obsession for Brits..A key Jeremy Corbyn ally has aped Boris Johnson by admitting Labour s Brexit policy is to “have our cake and eat it”. Rebecca Long Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary, uttered the notorious phrase as she failed to clear up confusion about Labour s stance on membership of the EU single market and .The speech is not the first time Mr Hammond has alluded to Mr Johnson s comments in public. Three months ago he said that the Government committing to leaving the single market and customs union “sent a clear signal that we understand we can t cherry pick, we can t have our cake and eat it”..

  • Boris Johnson Eating Cake

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