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He was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence. Kemal is the paternal grandfather of the British politician Stanley Johnson and great grandfather of UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Universities minister Jo Johnson, and journalist Rachel Johnson..Boris s grandfather, Wilfred Johnson, had never spoken about the murder of his Turkish father in the s. Boris s grandmother Irene Johnson nee Williams , known as Granny Butter , had always been the subject of derision in the family due to her grandiose claims of an aristocratic French background. So Boris set out on .Boris Johnson s Turkish cousin says the leader of the Brexit camp has turned into “such a Little Englander” he is no longer “being very honest about his Mr Johnson is the descendent of Ali Kemal s first wife, an Anglo Swiss woman called Winifred Brun, whod after giving birth to Boris s grandfather..Norman Stone on the dramatic life and of Ali Kemal, one time interior minister of Turkey and our mayoral candidate s forebear. Boris Johnson is one eighth Turkish. His great grandfather there is, if you abstract the fez and the moustache, a family resemblance was a well known writer, Ali Kemal .

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Boris Johnson Grandfather

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Boris johnson grandfather