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Letters The international trade secretary says the government is committed to developing future trade policy in a transparent way, while Mike Watkins asks why the media gave Boris Johnson s Brexit speech so much coverage, but largely ignored John McDonnell s on nationalising public service provision..A Boris Johnson premiership may happen, God help us, but he showed yet again why he is supremely unfit for any high office. Yesterday he could have been Henry V, casting off the Brexit misdeeds of his youth instead he reaches for the crown as the unreformed vain wastrel he always was, eager as ever .Boris Johnson offers liberal, hopeful view of life outside the EU in major speech. Photograph Peter Nicholls Reuters. Boris Johnson will warn that the . million people who voted to leave the EU face a disastrous and irreversible betrayal if attempts to overturn the referendum vote succeed. The foreign .The foreign secretary Boris Johnson made a speech on Wednesday in praise of optimism, confidence and a liberal Brexit. It was rich in rhetorical flourish and almost empty of detail. It was the speech of a politician whose only credibility is as the tribune of the leave campaign, a shameless piece of oration .

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Boris Johnson Guardian

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