Boris Johnson Irs

London’s Mayor Boris Johnsona dual U.S. and British citizenwas hit with an IRS bill on his London house sale. His gain was exempt from U.K. tax, so no tax credits or other U.S. tax moves would satisfy the IRS. Like many dual citizens and Americans living abroad, Mr. Johnson .Boris Johnson was a flamboyant Mayor of London, and is now Britain s Foreign Secretary. He was famously an American citizen too, born in the U.S. he left when he was five . That meant dealing with the IRS every year, on top of British taxes. Until now. The Wall Street Journal reported his name appearing .Tax protesters everywhere were hoping that the hopping mad London Mayor and accidental dual U.K. U.S. citizen Boris Johnson would stick to his guns and refuse to pay the IRS. The Mayor politely gave the IRS the finger, saying it was outrageous for the IRS to tax people all over .Boris Johnson has renounced his US citizenship, ending years of ambiguous loyalties and probably ridding himself of a hefty tax bill. to be an attempt to distance himself from the politics of Donald Trump, but may instead be a move to ensure he is out of reach of America s Internal Revenue Service IRS ..

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