Boris Johnson Julie Bishop

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has turned heads on the streets of London after introducing her British counterpart and chum, Boris Johnson, to her pavement pounding fitness regimen. The pair both donned T shirts from the Zoological Society of London promoting the plight of the pangolin .Boris Johnson today took his friend and Australian counterpart Julie Bishop out for a jog in matching his and hers t shirts. The two ministers both braved the drizzle to go for an early morning run around the park this morning. And they both sported similar save the pangolin t shirts which raise awareness .Julie Bishop has joined her British counterpart Boris Johnson for trade diplomacy on the run a photo opportunity that left the heavyset Brit looking worse for wear. Microphones around London s St James Park picked up Australia s Foreign Minister talking at length to Mr Johnson about trade, visas and .FOREIGN Secretary Boris Johnson, wearing a T shirt highlighting the plight of an endangered species, took his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop for a jog yesterday..

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