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The British foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, joked on his visit to New Zealand on Monday that a traditional Mori greeting could be misinterpreted as a head butt in other countries. “I think it’s a beautiful form of introduction, though it might be misinterpreted in a pub in .British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson thinks Kiwis coming to the UK is a “great thing”..Kiwis planning on having an OE in the United Kingdom can rest assured with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson indicating things could even get better. While on a brief visit to New Zealand he addressed concerns as to how Brexit negotiations might affect Kiwis, both in terms of their travel plans and in .UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson has apologised for delays Kiwis are experiencing getting UK working holiday visas, saying it is a bureaucratic issue. Kiwis planning their OE in the UK have had to cancel flights and have lost money on booked travel plans because of significant visa processing delays..

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