Boris Johnson Mandalay

Boris Johnson was inside the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most sacred Buddhist site in the former capital Yangon, when he started uttering the opening verse to The Road to Mandalay, including the line “The temple bells they say Come you back you English sol.r.” Kipling s poem captures the nostalgia of a .The British foreign secretary was caught uttering the opening verse to Rudyard Kipling s The Road to .Cut to Johnson, surrounded by a small crowd of dignitaries, reciting “The temple bells they say Come you back, you English sol.r” lines the voiceover identifies as fragments from “the pro colonial classic poem” Mandalay, by Kipling. As Johnson continues his recitation, the ambassador warns that a .Britain s ambassador to Myanmar was forced to interrupt Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson earlier this year as he tried to recite a nostalgic colonial poem by Johnson, who helped lead the Leave campaign in the Brexit referendum, is caught on camera starting to recite Kipling s poem, Mandalay, after .

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