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Footage has emerged of Boris Johnson categorically stating he would vote to stay in the European single market contradicting his recent stance on the Norway, meanwhile, has access to the single market but must accept all the regulations of the bloc, including free movement of people into the country..Boris Johnson could resign if Theresa May signals she will pursue a “Swiss style” Brexit, even though he is publicly denying he will walk away from the like to see a close long term relationship with the rest of the EU along the lines of Norway, or Switzerland with more leeway over freedom of movement..The option often dubbed the “Norway model” would preserve current trade ties with the EU and spare the U.K. from negative economic consequences until future trade relations with the EU Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson last week opened up to allowing free movement for EU citizens after Brexit..”Perhaps none of the models work well,” she said, suggesting that Britain will need to chart its own path. [Boris Johnson clashes with rivals in highly charged Brexit debate]. Any public dissatisfaction in Norway with the EEA has been masked by the extraordinary success of the Norwegian economy, which .

  • Boris Johnson Norway Model
Boris Johnson Norway Model

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Boris johnson norway model