Boris Johnson Poll

Boris Johnson. Type Public Figure. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson born is a British Conservative Party politician, who has served as Mayor of London since . Initially coming to public attention as a journalist, h read full article at Wikipedia. Correlated with. Correlation. Very Strong. Theresa May..YouGov s latest favourability tracker survey reveals that Boris Johnson s net favourability score has declined among the public, and taken a big hit among Conservative voters At the time of the previous poll Theresa May s score was still on a recovery trajectory following her post election low of in June..Boris Johnson is the top choice for the next Tory leader among Conservative party members, according to a new poll. The Foreign Secretary was named as favourite by almost a quarter of people surveyed for the poll by YouGov, followed in second position by Scottish leader Ruth Davidson..Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is again the focus in British politics after his challenge of Prime Minister Theresa May sparked a round of speculation over whether he s willing to resign if she softens her stance on the Brexit bill or if he could be fired for insubordination..

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