Boris Johnson Popularity

Boris Johnson. Type Public Figure. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson born is a British Conservative Party politician, who has served as Mayor of London since . Initially coming to public attention as a journalist, h read full article at Wikipedia. Correlated with. Correlation. Very Strong. Theresa May..YouGov s latest favourability tracker survey reveals that Boris Johnson s net favourability score has declined among the public, and taken a big hit among Conservative voters. While Boris had a net favourability score of among the general public in early September, this has since diminished to , while .Contrary to popular perception, Johnson did not enjoy an entirely gilded youth. He was partially deaf until he had grommets inserted in his ears when he was eight. His family moved constantly until his father, Stanley, became one of Britain s first officials in Brussels, just before Boris s tenth birthday..Boris Johnson s popularity among Conservative voters has taken a big hit in the past two months according to polling from YouGov..

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