Boris Johnson Prosecco

Boris Johnson was accused of saying things that are intellectually impossible, politically unavailable . Photograph Stefan Rousseau PA. Boris Johnson s approach to Brexit has been ridiculed by European ministers after he told Italy it would have to offer tariff free trade in order to sell its prosecco in the UK..An Italian minister has accused Boris Johnson of “insulting” his country by suggesting it should back his version of a Brexit deal or face losing sales of Prosecco sparkling wine. Carlo Calenda said the UK would abandon some “fish and chips exports” under the foreign secretary s approach. Mr Calenda s .Brexit discussions between Boris Johnson and an Italian minister broke down into a petty squabble over whether prosecco or fish and chips exports would be hit harder when the UK leaves the EU. Carlo Calenda said he used the “insulting” squabble to suggest to the British .Boris Johnson has been accused of “insulting” an Italian minister in a bizarre Brexit row about who would sell more prosecco or fish and chips. Mr Johnson had suggested Italy should back a generous post EU deal to avoid losing sales of the sparkling wine, it is claimed..

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